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This week Justin and Andrew bust out their moustache combs and travel the globe in search of stolen art and Nazi gold as they slog through Johnny Depp's recent disaster: Mortdecai. 

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Justin is on vacation this week, so Andy dug deep into the vault and pulled out Double Team starring JCVD, Mickey Rourke, and The Worm!

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This week, the guys take a break from the regular format and dive deep into the best and worst films that Andy watched in 2016. Justin is still compiling his list from 2008, so there may be a bit a delay on his side of the house.

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This week, Justin and Andrew take a trip to the Great White North and check out Kevin Smith's latest, "Yoga Hosers." Will they have what it takes to survive an attack of Canadian Nazis, or will they succomb to the force that is Johnny Depp's horrible makeup?

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