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This week Justin and Andrew consider faking their own deaths as they return to the Adam Sandler well and check out his second Netflix exclusive feature, The Do-Over! David Spade, Luis Guzman's junk, and the rest of Sandler's family star in this sordid tale of a high school guidance counselor breaking bad.

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This week, the guys take a break from the regular format and dive deep into the best and worst films that Andy watched in 2016. Justin is still compiling his list from 2008, so there may be a bit a delay on his side of the house.

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In this episode, Andy and Justin take a stroll into the old west, or maybe it was the sixth ring of Hell, and review Adam Sandler's cash-grab, “The Ridiculous 6.” Plenty of Native American heritage is on display along with historically accurate depictions of notable period personalities, as well as the hardest knife parkour this side of anywhere. Will Sandler redeem himself after Pixels or is this just another in the ever growing line of the filmed atrocities that are Happy Madison Productions?


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