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BWMP S2:EP 21 Robocop 3



Hello citizens! This week Justin and Andrew take a trip to Detroit, and meet up with the ultimate weapon, Robocop 3! Excellent screenwriting, special effects, and compelling storylines are all absent in this shouldn't of been made sequel. Sit back and let all of the early 1990s wash over you like a nuclear explosion in a briefcase!

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This week Justin and Andrew get their 420 blaze on with Jessie Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart and Eric Foreman while they check out American Ultra!

Will Connie Britton sing a country song? Will Red put his foot in Eric's ass? Will Kelso finally commit to a relationship with Jackie? Download now to find out!

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This week, the guys take a break from the regular format and dive deep into the best and worst films that Andy watched in 2016. Justin is still compiling his list from 2008, so there may be a bit a delay on his side of the house.

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Bad cops and drug kingpins give Hot Pursuit to tiny Reese Witherspoon and her frenemy Sofia Vergara. Andy and Justin will do their best to not shoot any appendages off while reviewing this TCA NOMINATED epic. Aye caramba!


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