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Andrew and Justin take a break the schedule and dive back into the vault for I Know Who Killed Me. Lindsay Lohan battles against a serial killer in this instant classic. 

We will be back to the normal schedule next week when we check out Zoolander 2! 

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Justin is on vacation this week, so Andy dug deep into the vault and pulled out Double Team starring JCVD, Mickey Rourke, and The Worm!

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This week, the guys take a break from the regular format and dive deep into the best and worst films that Andy watched in 2016. Justin is still compiling his list from 2008, so there may be a bit a delay on his side of the house.

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Episode 3 features Andy and Justin watching Britney Spears run around for and hour in her underwear AND they also review her film Crossroads. Friends connect, reconnect, and connect again on the long and winding road to stardom. Kool Mo Dee rounds out the all star cast in this instant classic.


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