About Us

Andrew Brown - Co-Founder/Host of BWMPodcast 

Andrew is the wise old man of the show. He's absorbed a lifetime of useless knowledge and watched more bad movies than should ever be allowed. He enjoys long walks on the beach and canoodling with the ultra rich.

Favorite Movie: Not "V for Vendetta"   

Favorite Director: Not Michael Bay 


Justin Wood - Co-Founder/Host of BWMPodcast

When it come to the brains of the operation...Well that's really Andy's thing. Justin is the brawn of the BWMPodcast team. He is the force behind the show coordination, editing, and overall good looks. Justin enjoys pina colladas AND getting caught in the rain. He also owns a vast amount of laser disks and beta max tapes that will, one day, be worth a fortune, in pogs.  

Favorite Movie: Hot Fuzz/V for Vendetta

Favorite Directors: Alfred Hitchcock, Edgar Wright, Quentin Tarantino